In the minds of 70s teens and young things, Olivia Newton-John will forever be Grease’s virgin-turned-vixen […]
James Caan used to joke that he “would have refused to die” in “The Godfather” had […]
During the 1990s, Malaysia’s longest-serving premier Mahathir Mohamad — an authoritarian loved, despised and feared almost […]
She was widely regarded as “The Voice” of India, and by some as the “Eighth Wonder […]
TV parents are special because they come across as the “perfect parents” ours will never be […]
English singer-actress Lulu was the first to say it to Sidney Poitier. “If you wanted the […]
For American TV — and pretty much, the world’s — she’ll always be the “Golden Girl”. […]
“Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman” is the saying. But Prince Philip, Queen […]
“A great interviewer and a great listener … are not the same thing,” Bette Midler, one […]