Anyone who has spent time on this earth has a story to tell.

At neverforget.cloud, we work to create infinite memories of those who are no longer with us.

With beautiful recollections from family, friends, colleagues and others, we create joyous narratives of the departed so that the world can celebrate them.

When celebrating legacies, time is often of no consequence.

Likewise, at neverforget.cloud, it never matters to us how long it’s been since a person has passed on. Whether it’s weeks, months — or even anniversaries later — we strive to create the fondest memories of your loved ones that will stay with those who read them.

Each story we write is stored in the cloud, so that you can save it infinitely to share anywhere, with anyone you want, at any time.

While English is the default language we use, we can also translate the stories we write into most other languages, ensuring universal appeal for the memories that you wish to create.

The authors at neverforget.cloud are masters in their craft, each with tens of years of experience in writing about people and life. Many were investigative reporters before becoming experts in their chosen field of writing. These are experts at fact-digging and creative writing who bring journalistic sharpness, wonderful imagination, endearing sensitivity and deep respect to the subjects and individuals they cover.

From candid conversations via text and carefully-curated material, including images, from print and the Web, our authors rebuild legacies, adding painstaking detail, emotion, humor and wisdom that often render vivid, life-like experiences of the person to the reader.

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