Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second American woman to serve on the Supreme Court and a […]
He provided us the heartiest of laughs, well after he was gone. David Angell was one […]
The problem with dignity is that there’s not much an actor can do with it. Not […]
He presided over live morning shows for four decades, emceed ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ […]
Delving deeply into the wellsprings of gospel music and the blues, and screaming as if for […]
For several decades it was difficult to imagine there would ever be a wrinkle on Rishi […]
From bold psychedelic rockers and cinematic story songs to sentimental country pop, Kenny Rogers covered considerable […]
In 1986, when the director Mira Nair was scouting for her film Salaam Bombay! at the […]
Kobe Bryant was one of America’s few basketball legends who made the leap directly from high […]